Vision & Mission

We support and facilitate child raising rooted in connection and empathy

Vision & Mission


Echo envisions a world of nonviolence in which adults respect children by ensuring their right to emotional and physical safety.


The mission of Echo is to support and facilitate child raising rooted in connection and empathy. We teach parents, teachers and others who strongly influence children’s lives an approach that integrates current research in human development and trauma-informed care with the practice of nonviolence.

Our Approach

Our vision at Echo is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of every child. We do this by teaching parents and any adult who serves children about childhood trauma and how it affects the body and brain. Our parenting classes and professional development trainings emphasize building compassionate adult/child relationships, understanding the critical role of attachment on human development, resilience and healing from trauma.

We take the view that all behavior is communication – either of basic human needs or past trauma intruding on the present. Rather than controlling behavior through punishment and rewards, we see our role as emotional coaches, helping children learn how to regulate their emotions and by modeling empathy and connecting communication. We give adults the tools to create the quality of connection and care that many of us did not experience for ourselves in childhood. It is certainly easier to use stickers and consequences, and they might even work – short term – but does it create the kind of intrinsically motivated, reflective and empathetic adults we want our children to become? And all too often it means the children who have suffered the most are further punished and isolated.