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VIRTUAL: Trauma & Addiction

Echo is partnering with Andi Fetzner of Origins Training to bring you tools for a trauma and resilience focused approach for working with people who experience the symptoms of addiction.

VIRTUAL: Trauma & Resilience Pt. I Training

Did you know that childhood experiences can affect your physical health as an adult? That toxic stress makes us more sensitive to things like sound? Or that it affects learning and memory? That safe, stable nurturing relationships can heal trauma? Register today for this fascinating review of all that current science is telling us about the number one health issue of our time.

VIRTUAL: Trauma-Informed Mindfulness for Kids

Learn how to combine secular meditation practices along with specific skills and modifications that support stabilization, regulation and actually help people heal from the effects of toxic stress.

VIRTUAL: Trauma & Resilience Part II Training

This is a chance for you to deepen your knowledge about trauma, resilience and post-traumatic growth. We will dive deeper into the science behind how the brain and body respond to trauma, including the polyvagal theory and recent discoveries about how to harness brain waves and eye movements to heal trauma.