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Train + Coach

We are happy to tailor a training to fit the professional development needs of your agency or school. However, we have learned that just attending a training is not enough when trying to create a paradigm shift. There is no step-by-step manual for undoing years of conditioning and the effects of trauma. Becoming trauma-informed is a practice, and as such participants need the reinforcement of repetition and guidance over time.

For this reason, Echo has developed a ‘train + coach’ model where we complement training with small group coaching. Our skilled trainers can also offer individualized observation and feedback for your staff.

The Train + Coach model is something we have successfully rolled out with LAUSD School Mental Health Psychiatric Social Workers, Teach for America teachers and in our pilot school, Sally Ride Elementary.

Ask us how we can help your school, district, or organization become trauma-informed and develop the safe, stable, nurturing relationships with children so they may enjoy lifelong health and learning.

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