Empathy 1000

Join Us Today!!! 1000 Members Giving Monthly will Create a Strong and Sustainable Movement for Nonviolence in Education and Parenting.

Ways to Join:

1) Click here to print a Registration Form. Fill it out and mail to Echo Parenting & Education, P.O. Box 26938, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

2) Click here to Donate Online. Enter contact information. Enter donation amount and select monthly under the field “recurring”. Fill out payment information and type Empathy 1000 under comments.  Your account will be automatically debited each month.

What your contribution can do:

$15 month – Pays for an introduction to the philosophy of nonviolent parenting at a school, domestic violence shelter, mental health group or other community organization.

$25 month – Pays for a court or agency referred parent to attend ten weeks of nonviolent parenting classes in Echo Park. (Neither the court nor the referring agency pays for parents to attend class.)

$35 month – Pays for a nonviolent philosophy intensive training and ongoing support for a staff person employed in a domestic violence shelter.

$50 month – Pays for reduced tuition for parents unable to afford full tuition to attend parenting classes for a weekend intensive class (16 hours of instruction).

$99 month – Pays for weekly childcare for 15 children while their parents attend a series of 10 classes in Echo Park regardless of their ability to pay.

Any bit counts. Thank you for your support!!!