Staff Development

Echo Parenting & Education teaches our principles of nonviolent Philosophy and Practice as part of the curriculum of your Staff Development and Training. Our mission, is to change the world, one family at a time, through the acceptance and practice of the principles of nonviolent child raising.

Nonviolent child raising seeks to eradicate early family violence in the common practices of spanking (60% of American toddlers are spanked), bribes, threats, name calling, shaming, manipulation, being untruthful or praise and rewards. This view moves beyond the current legal definition of child abuse and into a responsible more comprehensive understanding of what violence toward children can be. These forms of early violence are learned in the family under the disguise of punishment. Our understanding of childhood development has grown so rapidly in recent years, that we can now prove that the human brain and heart that are met with empathy in the critical years of development cannot and will not chose a violent life. Professionals can support parents to break the cycle of violence by teaching nonviolent parenting to replace the traditional, punitive parenting paradigm.

Echo Parenting & Education is available to train, engage and educate professionals who work with families to teach their clients how to interact with their children nonviolently, breaking the cycle of family violence. Our Staff Development and Training can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

Our services are available in English and Spanish.

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