Domestic Violence

Echo Parenting & Education is committed to work alongside the Domestic Violence Shelter community to act as a resource in teaching nonviolent Philosophy and Practice and be an ally in breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Echo Parenting & Education recognizes the inordinate challenge of nonviolence in parenting for mothers surviving the trauma of abuse.  Our approach to parenting offers hope for parents in shelters with tools to create or recreate a family free from abuse and anchor the family in mutual respect, understanding, honest communication, trust and caring. Trauma-informed, nonviolent parenting provides our parents in crisis with reassurance that they are capable of compassion toward themselves while providing the safe, stable and caring relationship their child needs to heal.

Our Staff Training and Development equips your domestic violence shelter staff with the philosophy and tools of trauma-informed, nonviolent child raising to aid in their own interactions with mothers and children, was well as being able to teach and guide parent survivors living in emergency transitional shelters.

In addition to our staff trainings, we offer Parenting Classes. All our classes can be tailored to fit your shelter’s needs and can be held at your site or at Echo Parenting & Education.

Domestic violence shelter staff members at each of the trainings will:

* Gain knowledge of the philosophy and tools used in nonviolent child raising. Support parents in building a sense of safety within the family and breaking the cycle of violence.
* Strengthen their understanding of child development. Gain an understanding of the philosophy behind support group facilitation and acquire skills for effective facilitation.
* Learn how to work with parents within the context of their immediate environment (e.g. Emergency, Transitional Shelter).
* Support parents in building strong bonds with their children in order to protect and communicate with them in a time of stress.
* Give parents tools to cope with their children’s emotional pain and distress.
* Deepen their understanding of crisis and the feelings associated (e.g. denial, fear, shame, trauma, anger, grief, depression) to foster self awareness and emotional competency among parents

Our services are available in English and Spanish.