Asadah Kirkland

Asadah WMother of one biological child and a teacher/mother to many, Asadah is no stranger to raising children. Asadah has been teaching in classroom settings for over fifteen years, and provided youth development and parenting workshops for ten years.  She was an Administrator of an afterschool program and an Outreach Coordinator for a parenting program; both in Harlem, NY. Being an educator, Asadah learned to handle problems with wisdom and not violence. Her sincere care for the welfare and outcome of the lives of her students can be seen through her actions and heard from the comments of the people she serves. Beating Black Kids is Asadah’’s first published book and her way of getting her viewpoint and solutions out to the entire world. While she has welcomed many thanks for creating this work, Asadah is also courageous and certain enough to handle the many challenges that come from those who feel beating Black kids as a normal practice.