Professional Development

The philosophy and practice of nonviolence in raising children yields benefits for anyone who works with children or families. An understanding of attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, trauma informed care and more can help professionals to build an empathy-based practice in their work. Whether you are a teacher, mental health professional, child care provider, domestic violence shelter staff, pediatrician or other child-related job, our highly skilled teaching staff led workshops for professionals in many different fields. The following video is our Co-Executive Director, Louise Godbold, presenting an overview of childhood trauma. 

Please click the links to the left to explore the current offering of classes for professionals. Many of our trainings are sanctioned by professional governance bodies, so we can offer continuing education units or salary points for those sessions. We can also design special training programs for agency staff or professional organizations based on the specific needs of your group. Please call us at (213) 484-6676 or email for more information or to schedule a workshop.

Changing the Paradigm: Where Trauma Meets Attachment
Our next conference is March 15 & 16, 2017 at The California Endowment in Los Angeles. Check back periodically for more details.

Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Child Raising Training & Certification Course
This course is designed to provide in-depth training in the nonviolent approach to child raising as well as an introduction to the emerging and rapidly evolving field of developmental trauma. The two-part course comprises a 100-hour theoretical overview, followed by a practicum. Upon successful completion of the practicum, participants will be certified as an Echo Parenting & Education Parent Educator.

Trauma-Informed Compassionate Classrooms
Echo Parenting & Education offers workshops for K-12 teachers providing tools and strategies for creating safety to support all students, including those who have experienced trauma. Our approach offers alternatives to classroom management systems based on control, punishment, and rewards that don’t address the root causes of behavior or create the quality of connection you want with your students.

Seeking Safety
Seeking Safety is a program for counselors to help trauma survivors master the skills needed to reestablish basic physical and emotional safety. Originally developed to help those who are dealing with trauma and substance abuse, the techniques and information learned during this training can help anyone in need of stabilization after experiencing trauma, and improve their coping skills. *Seeking Safety is designed for anyone; no license, degree, or prior training is required.

DV Staff Training
Our specialized Staff Training and Development equips your domestic violence shelter staff with the philosophy and tools of trauma-informed care and nonviolent child raising to aid in their own interactions with mothers and children, was well as being able to teach and guide parent survivors living in emergency transitional shelters. In addition to our staff trainings, we provide trauma-informed, nonviolent parenting class series for survivors in shelters. All our classes can be tailored to fit the shelter’s needs.

Staff Development & Other Trainings
Echo is also able to provide parenting classes and professional development training for your agency. Please call us or email for more information on our contract terms.