Special Topic Series

Echo Parenting & Education offers a series of classes on special topic. Each series offers a more intensive, in-depth and interactive discussion of a single topic related to raising children. In addition to hearing content from one of Echo Parenting’s master teachers that draws upon the most current research about child development and neuroscience, participants will have an opportunity to pose questions and to share their own parenting experiences.


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Advanced Parenting Series

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of nonviolent parenting. In the advanced parenting series we will expand on the science supporting the ever-evolving integration and practice of the nonviolent child raising philosophy.

Helping children to process and self-regulate .

* Does your anger leave you regretful for things that you say or do with your children?
* Are you looking for more personal strategies to handle those moments?

Every parent and every child has experienced deep feelings of frustration and anger.

In these three sessions, we will examine the roots of anger and strategize about how to help children (and adults!) safely navigate these feelings.

couplestraining Special Topic SeriesCouples Training
Being a parent puts a lot of stress on our relationships. We manage to make it through a challenging moment with our children, and we turn around and scream at our partners. Co-parenting can be a real challenge, especially if we are trying to be conscious about how we raise our children.

Our training for couples will offer a chance to:
* Explore the tools of nonviolence as it relates to our partners. How do we treat each other with respect?
* Remember that our relationships are models for our children. What does a healthy relationship looks like?
* Learn ways to handle those stressful parenting moments when we don’t agree with our partner. How do we support each other?

Special Topic Series are scheduled throughout the year, so please check our Calendar.