Child care is provided during all classes at Echo Parenting & Education.

Our child care teachers have had many years of experience working with children. They have all been trained in the philosophy of nonviolent child raising.

We are happy to be able to provide child care for your children. We want to offer you the opportunity to be in class without taking care of your child at the same time.

What to Expect

Unfortunately we are not able to provide childcare for children who are not able to walk on their own. If you have a child who is not yet  walking  and would still like to join our Parenting Class, you are welcome to bring your child into the classroom. We suggest you bring a blanket for the floor. For older infants, we have a mat with appropriate toys on the side of the classroom. We suggest that you sit by your child on the floor.

Some children have any easy transition to child care. They are comfortable leaving their parents and are able to feel secure with our teachers. For some children, it can take time for them to be able to stay in childcare. This is true for toddlers as well as older children.

They may feel it is scary to be separated from their mama/papa, in a strange place with unfamiliar people. Some of the children do it easily, others may want to come join you in class. Others may not be able to do it at all. You may hear your child crying while you are in class. You are free to come to our childcare room, or have them join you in class.

We offer a simple book, for you to take home and read during the week to your child. The book explains that mama/papa are going to parenting class, that “you” will stay with Josefina, Veronica, Maria and Aura. Mama/Papa will be back after the class. The more you can prepare your child at home for the childcare experience, the more it will feel okay for your child. Download a copy of our book or ask for one at class.

During childcare, the children will have the opportunity to play with many different things. We provide puzzles, blocks, dolls, dress-up clothes as well as table activities such as painting, drawing and playdough. We have aprons for the children, but we suggest your child wear clothes that are okay to get dirty from paint or playdough.

Some children enjoy the security of bringing a special toy or blanket from home to hold on to.

We will offer your child a snack – crackers, fruit or juice. If you child has special dietary needs, please bring their food and drink and make sure to let the teachers know. You are invited to bring fruit to share with the other children as well.

We use the bathrooms on the first floor. Children will be taken to the toilet by one of the teachers. We do not change diapers, but we will let you know when your child needs to be changed.

We hope that our child care will offer your child a safe and happy place to be while you are in Parenting Class.

While Child care is included in the fees of Parenting Class, your additional Donations are appreciated.