Parenting Programs

At the heart of our vision and mission is the desire to support parents, and we offer many programs and services to help parents strengthen the connection with their child. Through classes, workshops, support groups and individual consultation, Echo Parenting & Education addresses the broad spectrum of challenges that families face, whether it’s simply understanding the unique needs of a toddler or adolescent, seeking alternatives to time-outs or punishment, or ending physical or emotional violence within the family. Some have heard about Echo’s parenting classes from a friend or relative, have been referred to a parenting class by a judge or social worker, or have discovered us just by searching online.  We serve a very diverse group of parents and offer an array of different programming to provide quality classes for all.  Also, in order for everyone to have access to our classes, no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

Parenting Classes on Saturdays
Echo Parenting & Education teaches nonviolent parenting classes in English and Spanish on Saturday mornings in Echo Park. Each class cycle is ten weeks long and hosts free child care. Emphasizing compassion and connection between parent and child rather than “quick fixes” to gain compliance, the curriculum covers brain development, nonviolent communication and setting limits with empathy. Parents learn to form developmentally appropriate expectations for their child as well as build emotional literacy skills so they can act as their child’s emotional “coach.” We teach self-regulation techniques for when parent or child experiences strong emotions such as anger.

Weekend Parenting Intensive
In this twelve hour intensive you’ll experience a new paradigm for raising children.  We’ll introduce a philosophy and practice of  raising children based on the latest research about child development, attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, nonviolent communication and more.

Private Parenting Classes
Private Parenting Classes bring nonviolent parenting into the privacy of your home or an alternate meeting space, such as church, school or community center. These classes can help develop a community of friends and peers who practice the principles of nonviolent parenting and communication. Classes can be tailored to grandparents, fathers, prenatal couples and other groups.  Participants work through the Parenting Class Series curriculum in 6 weeks.

Special Topics Workshops
The Special Topic series provides a more intensive, in-depth and interactive discussion of a single topic related to raising children.  Past special topic series have been on anger, teens/tweens, siblings and couples work.