New video blog post on Limits

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

The most recent in our occassional series of videos — this time on setting limits nonviolently.

Also links to a few of Echo Parenting and Education tools to help!

2 Responses to “New video blog post on Limits”

  1. Anna says:

    So how, exactly do you persuade him to come to the table? And how far can this flexibility go before the meal gets cold?

  2. Leda says:

    thank you for posting this. I’d love it if you would post videos that show via role playing how you set limits non violently. It would be great to have that resource when I’m in the middle of a struggle with my child. If I could just log in here and watch a video that shows me by example it would be such a great reminder! you could make 10 videos with these titles:
    1) how to react when your child hits/kicks another person
    2) how to get your child to sit at the table and eat without playing
    3) how go get your child into the car seat when you’re in a hurry
    4) how to get your child to get dressed quickly
    5) how to get your child to go to sleep at bed time
    6) how to treat tantrums
    7) how to treat your child when s/he says mean things to other people
    8) how to treat your child when s/he is blatantly defiant
    9) how to treat your child when s/he tells a lie
    10) how to treat your child when s/he won’t participate in group activities.

    I’ve been taking your classes but it’s easy to forget what to do when I’m in the heat of the moment.

    thanks so much for all you do!

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