Our History

In 1999, after a long career as a teacher, parent educator and lifelong advocate for children, Ruth Beaglehole founded Echo Parenting & Education based on the conviction that any child raising practices, which hurt a child’s body, heart or mind, are harmful and detrimental to the healthy development of the child. What began with one woman working from her kitchen table has developed into a full-grown agency of 21 staff. Echo Parenting & Education offers a wide array of parenting and professional programs, teaching an approach to caring for children that is grounded in empathy and the philosophy of nonviolence. The most current research has proven that our nonviolent approach is vital not only to a child’s emotional, physical and mental development, it is also essential to breaking generational cycles of abuse and neglect. Echo Parenting & Education provides on-site and off-site community parenting classes in English and Spanish, presentations, professional workshops and trainings, and free or low cost community events. Working with individual families, community centers, schools, hospitals, domestic violence shelters, public and social service agencies, Echo Parenting & Education continues to bring the philosophy and practice of nonviolence into myriad communities and organizations to break the cycle of intergenerational violence.

Echo Parenting & Education credits the influences of a diverse theoretical and academic spectrum in shaping it’s own philosophy, including; Daniel Goleman, Robin Grille, Alfie Kohn, Joseph Chilton Pearce , Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Dr. Dan Seigel and Dr. Murray Strauss.