Welcome to Echo Parenting & Education where our vision is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of every child. We teach parents and professionals tools and strategies that promote the kind of safe, stable nurturing relationships that lead to healthy development as well as healing from generational trauma.

Our curriculum includes the latest research on brain development, the practice of nonviolent communication, emotional skill building and how to build resilience in young people. We also create a safe space for adults to reflect on their own adverse childhood experiences, which if left unaddressed can continue the cycle of generational trauma. We believe that all behavior is communication and by staying curious about the basic human needs or trauma responses that lie beneath behavior, we endeavor to create a more just, accepting and compassionate world.

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Program Highlights

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Echo Welcomes Canadian Vistors

Echo hosted a delegation from Montreal School District this week. On Monday, they kicked up their heels at the one-day Working with Childhood Trauma training, gamely entering into the fun with our ‘mirroring’ and dancing regulation exercises. Here is some of the team in a more serious moment: From left to right: Tina Newton, resource […]

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How to be Trauma-Informed – for Real!

Okay, we’ve got it: Not “what’s wrong with you?” but “What happened to you?” That explosive outburst? The child who cannot concentrate at school? The domestic violence survivor who is in a constant state of hyper-vigilance? Yes, most of us in family services are now able to recognize trauma-symptoms and respond with empathy… most of […]

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