Welcome to Echo Parenting & Education where we are committed to supporting all those who are involved in the care and education of children. We teach within a framework of nonviolence and provide strategies that are based on empathy, connecting language and the understanding of a child’s emotional, physical and brain development.

Catherine Daley, principal at Sally Ride Elementary describes our work on the Whole School Project.Other videos are available here.

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Childhood Trauma – Disability or Injustice?

by Louise Godbold

You may have noticed the recent media attention about the Compton Unified School District lawsuit (NPR and LA Times). The lawsuit has been filed on behalf of eight Compton students and alleges that the school system failed to properly educate students who suffered from repeated violence and other trauma.

Public Counsel, the pro bono law […]

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Dear Future Teacher

My Dream Letter to My Kids’ Teacher
Here’s some info that will help you work with my kids this year. First off, Amanda is not the good one. Brandon is not the bad. I know it will seem that way sometimes. She sits still and obeys. He’s a ball of movement with a mind of his […]

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