Welcome to Echo Parenting & Education where we are committed to supporting all those who are involved in the care and education of children. We teach within a framework of nonviolence and provide strategies that are based on empathy, connecting language and the understanding of a child’s emotional, physical and brain development.

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How to be Trauma-Informed – for Real!

Okay, we’ve got it: Not “what’s wrong with you?” but “What happened to you?” That explosive outburst? The child who cannot concentrate at school? The domestic violence survivor who is in a constant state of hyper-vigilance? Yes, most of us in family services are now able to recognize trauma-symptoms and respond with empathy… most of […]

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Annual Appeal: Echo Appreciates You!

Imagine a world where all children are promised a childhood filled with empathy and connection, free of physical and emotional harm; where all children grow up knowing how to express their feelings and needs without shame or fear; and where all children understand how to resolve conflicts peacefully through thoughtful dialogue. Now imagine a world where […]

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