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We are excited to announce that our administrative offices have moved!  We are located at 1000 W. Sunset Blvd, Ste 201, Los Angeles, CA 90012.  Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 9am – 4pm.

Please note: Saturday classes will continue to be held at the Echo Park United Methodist Church at 1226 N Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Ruth Beaglehole at Changing the Paradigm 2014. Other videos are available here.

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Peace Corners and a Good Day for Flying

by Louise Godbold, Co-Executive Director
Could it actually work? That is the question we’ve been asking ourselves ever since starting our Trauma-Informed, Nonviolent Whole School pilot project at Sally Ride Elementary. Not out loud, of course, but in the dead of the night when the overwhelming nature of transforming a whole school community on a modest […]

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Trauma and Parenting

by Louise Godbold, Co-Executive Director
Most child-raising models use punishment and rewards to condition children into exhibiting the behaviors we want. This is called ‘socialization’. It is called ‘creating obedient children’, but it is rarely recognized as oppression and a potentially traumatizing experience for children.
How could we be doing something so fundamental and in ways that […]

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