Pumpkins-for-Peace-2008-044Welcome to Echo Parenting & Education where we are committed to supporting all those who are involved in the care and education of children. We teach within a framework of nonviolence and provide strategies that are based on empathy, connecting language and the understanding of a child’s emotional, physical and brain development.

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Help for the Holidays

Hi all! My name is James. I’m a new trainer at Echo and excited to be a part of Echo family. I’ve been working with children and families and practicing nonviolent communication for about 16 years now. I thought I would share some quick tips and ways to frame things that might help you connect […]

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Sustaining Support

That teaching is stressful work is hardly news. But the extent to which teachers experience toxic stress in connection with their work is only beginning to be illuminated. Also concerning are findings that students of stressed teachers show elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol, suggesting that stress may be contagious. The good news is […]

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