Pumpkins-for-Peace-2008-044Welcome to Echo Parenting & Education where we are committed to supporting all those who are involved in the care and education of children. We teach within a framework of nonviolence and provide strategies that are based on empathy, connecting language and the understanding of a child’s emotional, physical and brain development.

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True Resilience

    I recently came across an article in the NY times by Paul Seghal called “The Profound Emptiness of ‘Resilience” I must admit, if it wasn’t sent to me by my boss, I am not so sure I would have read it. Not because I would have never come across it, but because “The emptiness of […]

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Healthy Rage and Trauma?

“The pain of rage is a normal and predictable response to perpetual experiences with degradation, devaluation, and domination. It is the build-up and culmination of emotions that have been blocked expression… There is a strong “relationship between voicelessness and rage. Unless rage is properly channeled, it can be all consuming, displaced, and destructive to self […]

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